Ammophila Foundation

The Ammophila Foundation aims to promote the creation and sharing of art and culture across traditional art forms and cultural disciplines. It brings together those artists interested in learning about other art disciplines, and non- traditional collaboration. The Ammophila Foundation creates a community in spirit and in action, in time and in space.

The Ammophila Centre is located in Scheveningen, The Netherlands, close to the North Sea dunes and beaches. The centre has the following facilities:

  • a meeting/ dining room for max. 10 persons, and kitchen
  • an indoor space for workshops, exhibitions, lectures (30 m2)
  • a multifunctional garden (300 m2) with a greenhouse (30 m2) that is also suitable for workshops, exhibitions and lectures

The Ammophila Centre is part of the Ammophila House with four (semi-)permanent artist living and working residences and one artist-in-residence studio.